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Experience Convenience & Comfort with Your Customized Fit

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to enjoy a rain shower without water droplets blurring your vision? Or have you dreamed of participating in sports without your glasses slipping off? At the Vision Center of Delaware, we help bring your vision to life with comprehensive contact lens exams and fittings.

With today’s technology, contact lenses can cater to various vision problems, including toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses for presbyopia. We’ll help you discover a fit that can deliver sharp vision correction and comfort.

Visit us for a comprehensive eye exam and fitting today.

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Contact Lens Exam: More than a Routine Eye Check

Contact exams differ significantly from routine eye exams. While both evaluate your overall eye health, a contact lens exam primarily aims to personalize the fit and determine if contact lenses suit your lifestyle. 

Plus, the exam provides an opportunity for you to ask questions. We can prescribe a lens type based on your vision needs and your goals for wearing contacts.

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Our 3-Step Exam & Fitting Process

At VCD, we strongly believe educating patients is crucial for promoting optimal eye health. That’s why we focus on providing you with the knowledge you need to understand and maintain your vision. 

When you visit us for a contact lens exam, our dedicated team can provide personalized care and guide you through every step of the process.

While your experience with us is tailored to your needs, you can expect 3 basic steps: the eye exam, measurements, and the lens trial.

Step 1: Eye Exam

The first step to receiving a contact lens prescription is the exam. We start by evaluating your overall eye health to assess if you’re a good candidate and discuss your goals for contact lens wear. We’ll also assess your tear film to determine if your eyes produce sufficient moisture to maintain a comfortable and healthy eye surface.

We gather your custom measurements by evaluating the curvature of the cornea (the front surface of your eye) and the size of your pupils, irises, and corneas. By analyzing these measurements, we can determine the most suitable contact lens size and type to meet your specific needs.

Based on your custom measurements, we can provide you with a trial pair to take home and try out. We want you to feel comfortable with your new lenses, so we’ll order a supply if you’re satisfied with the fit. However, if the lenses aren’t suitable for you, we’ll adjust the fit or type until we find a comfortable match.

Convenience with Daily Disposable Contacts

Daily disposable lenses are designed with ease and comfort in mind. There’s no need for cleaning solutions or worry about deposit buildup. Each morning, you start with a fresh pair, and by nightfall, you simply discard them. 

Wearing a fresh pair can significantly reduce the risk of eye infections and discomfort, making it a healthier choice for individuals prone to dry eye or those who use contact lenses occasionally, like on weekends or as a handy glasses backup.

We can discuss if daily disposable soft contact lenses are the right choice for you at your contact lens exam.

Contact Lenses for Myopia Control

Myopia (nearsightedness) is a common vision condition often diagnosed in school-age children, which causes blurred distance vision. Myopia can worsen as your child grows, increasing their dependence on corrective lenses and affecting their eye health in adulthood. But we can help manage your child’s myopia progression with myopia control

Introducing MiSight 1-day, FDA-approved soft contact lenses designed to provide clear vision and help slow myopia progression. Kids ages 8–12 can comfortably wear MiSight multifocal contact lenses

We can discuss if MiSight is suitable for your child at their next eye exam.

Visit VCD for Your Contact Lens Exam Today

At the Vision Center of Delaware, our dedicated team is committed to providing vision care personalized to your vision needs. We take great pride in our meticulous attention to detail, patient education, and positively impacting the lives of each individual we serve.

Let us be your guide when you’re ready to transition to clearer and more convenient vision correction. Schedule your contact lens exam with us and take the first step towards experiencing the benefits of wearing contact lenses. 

At Vision Center of Delaware, your vision is our priority.

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